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Reliable Security Safes for Singapore Homes and Companies

Safes come in all different shapes and sizes for storing valuables and important documents. The search for the right safe can be difficult, but with Filedex you can refine your search to pick the perfect one for your particular circumstance.

Established in 1995, Filedex Marketing (S) Pte Ltd offers a wide range of safe boxes for every need.  As professionals, we deal only in safes, from the traditional combination lock safes for homes to fire-resistant filing cabinets for business needs. We stock only the most reliable safety box brands including Eagle safes and AEGIS, all sold at competitive prices. Buying the right safe doesn’t have to be difficult, talk to the experts at Filedex today. 

Not sure where to buy fireproof safe boxes?

The process of finding a safe that is high quality, available to buy at a great price and features fireproof materials doesn’t always have to be hard. At Filedex, we carefully refine our selection, ensuring we sell only the best and most innovative products available, making it easier for businesses and individuals in Singapore to buy the perfect safe. 

Eagle safes are proudly made in Korea and conform to the requirement of international standards. We are proud to offer high quality safes at reasonable prices, from these exceptional Eagle safes to a variety of other leading brands. We ensure the safe boxes we select are all fire resistant and safe, ensuring that, not only are your valuables protected from theft, but from serious fire damage as well. Whether it’s important documents that you need to keep secure or essential media files, we’ve got the safe solution for you. 

Browse our range of safes today

Filedex has Singapore’s widest range of home and office security safes available, with safe boxes including:

If you are interested in ordering a safe from our large range, you can get in touch with our friendly team by calling us on 6275 4088 or by filling out your details online.