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EAGLE Combination Dial & Keylock Safes

Small-size safes SSM-015 to SS-031-D
Medium-size safes SS-035 to SS-150
Large-size safes SS-200 to SS-700

EAGLE Safe SSM-015
H312 W390 D355 (Ext)

EAGLE Safe SSM-020
H360 W424 D423 (Ext)

EAGLE Safe SS-020
H360 W480 D423 (Ext)

EAGLE Safe SS-020-D
H360 W480 D480 (Ext)

EAGLE Safe SSM-030-D
H440 W344 D480 (Ext)

EAGLE Safe SS-030
H495 W342 D423 (Ext)

EAGLE Safe SS-031-D
H535 W410 D480 (Ext)

EAGLE Safe SS-035
H616 W491 D512 (Ext)

EAGLE Safe SS-045
H703 W491 D512 (Ext)

EAGLE Safe SS-065
H743 W549 D552 (Ext)

EAGLE Safe SS-080
H865 W585 D552 (Ext)

EAGLE Safe SS-100
H1066 W585 D552 (Ext)

EAGLE Safe SS-150
H1245 W642 D675 (Ext)

EAGLE Safe SS-200
H1356 W737 D675 (Ext)

EAGLE Safe SS-350
H1686 W737 D675 (Ext)

EAGLE Safe SS-700
H1784 W1206 D699 (Ext)

Dial Safes for Security in Singapore

Dial safes are a widely popular and traditional form of safe that features a key lock and security dial option for trusted security of your valuable possessions and documents. While this form has long been used, our Eagle combination safes have been updated and upgraded to ensure maximum security in any circumstance. At Filedex, we carefully select our range to only include the latest and most innovative solutions in traditional safes and possession security, so you can have peace of mind in your purchase. 

Features of our dial safes

  • Combination dial and key
  • The compact and strong Eagle combination dial and key safe is designed to meet high standards for the protection of valuables against fire and theft.
  • It rated for between 1 to 2 hours of fire protection up to 925°C, and certified by international organizations.
  • Its comes equipped with a key lock and a combination lock
  • It’s constructed with a tough steel shell and anti-fire materials, giving it protection from fire and theft
  • Perfect for home or business use, offers superior fire protection for valuables and important documents

Fire-test Authority:
UL (USA Underwriters Laboratories Inc)
SP (Swedish National Testing and Research Institute)
KS (Korean Standards Association)
GOST (Russian Industries Standard

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Our dial safes are a popular option for private and commercial use, but we also stock a range for fire resistant cabinets, digital deposit boxes and night deposit safes for a variety of applications.

If you wish discuss your options for our dial safes, whether a private safe for your home or a quality safe for the office, get in touch with the Filedex team in Singapore today. Give us a call on 6275 4088 or simply fill in your details online and we’ll get back to you shortly.