EAGLE Data Safes

Small-size safes EDS-020-D
Medium-size safes EDS-045 to EDS-150
Large-size safes EDS-200 to EDS-700

H360 W480 D480 (Ext)

H703 W491 D512 (Ext)

H743 W549 D552 (Ext)

H865 W585 D552 (Ext)

H1066 W585 D552 (Ext)

H1245 W642 D675 (Ext)

H1356 W737 D675 (Ext)

H1686 W737 D675 (Ext)

H1784 W1206 D699 (Ext)

Data Media Safes

Data media safes are a form of safe designed to store and protect certain sensitive data and media, including CDs, DVDs, hard drives and computer media. Data media safes are fireproof, offer moisture protection and feature the same simple design as traditional safes.  Whether you are a large scale company, a small business or looking for a safe for private use, the Eagle safes are ideal for a range of circumstances.

At Filedex, we have a range of data media safes perfectly suited to protect your sensitive media, which can potentially be in danger in regular safes. With an ambition to provide the most innovative solutions to our customers, you can trust us to source the best products available.


  • The Eagle Data Media safes are designed to protect sensitive magnetic storage media such as CDs, LTO tapes or hard drives from fire and humidity.
  • It’s equipped with a multi-layer inner box made from special anti-thermal materials. This keeps the inside temperature below 65°C and humidity below 85%.
  • The safes are constructed with double doors to prevent dust, steam, water or firefighting materials from entry.
  • Comes with a key lock and choice of either a mechanical combination lock, or an electronic number pad.
  • Rated for 1 or 2 hour fire protection, certified by international authorities.

1 hour fire-tested @925C or 1697F
Fire-test Authority:
SP (Swedish National Testing and Research Institute)
KS (Korean Standards Association)

2-Hours fire-tested @1010C/1850F
Fire-test Authority:
SP (Swedish National Testing and Research Institute)
KS (Korean Standards Association)

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