Digital Security Safes in Singapore | Electronic Safes

EAGLE Electronic Safes

Small-size safes ESM-015 to ES-031-DK
Medium-size safes ES-035 to ES-150
Large-size safes ES-200 to ES-700

EAGLE Safe ESM-015
H312 W390 D355 (Ext)

EAGLE Safe ESM-020
H360 W424 D423 (Ext)

H360 W424 D423 (Ext)

H360 W424 D423 (Ext)

H360 W424 D423 (Ext)

H360 W480 D423 (Ext)

H360 W480 D480 (Ext)

EAGLE Safe ESM-030-D
H440 W344 D480 (Ext)

EAGLE Safe ES-030
H495 W342 D423 (Ext)

EAGLE Safe ES-031-DK
H535 W410 D480 (Ext)

H535 W410 D480 (Ext)

H535 W410 D480 (Ext)

H535 W410 D480 (Ext)

EAGLE Safe ES-035
H616 W491 D512 (Ext)

EAGLE Safe ES-045
H703 W491 D512 (Ext)

EAGLE Safe - ES-065
H743 W549 D552 (Ext)

EAGLE Safe - ES-080
H865 W585 D552 (Ext)

EAGLE Safe - ES-100
H1066 W585 D552 (Ext)

EAGLE Safe - ES-150
H1245 W642 D675 (Ext)

EAGLE Safe - ES-200
H1356 W737 D675 (Ext)

EAGLE Safe - ES-350
H1686 W737 D675 (Ext)

EAGLE Safe - ES-700
H1784 W1206 D699 (Ext)

Digital Security Safes in Singapore

At Filedex, we are proud to stock some of Singapore’s leading brands in high quality security safes, featuring innovative designs for optimal protection. Our digital security safes are the latest range in high quality safes, suited to a variety of applications.  

These electronic lock safes offer optimal security for your possessions as well as an easier, up-to-date keypad that you can insert your own personal code. These digital deposit safe boxes are ideal for shops, cafes and restaurants as they feature a small and inconspicuous design, ideal for cash deposits, but can also be used in a variety of industries in Singapore, as well as for personal use.

Digital deposit safe box features

  • The Eagle electronic safe is a high security, fire-resistant for the protection of valuables and documents.
  • The keypad is programmable with 2 different user codes (6 Digits) and will lock itself automatically after 5 wrong attempts. A key lock is included with certain models
  • It rated for between 1 to 2 hours of fire protection up to 925°C, and certified by international organizations.
  • It’s constructed with a tough steel shell and fireproof materials, giving it protection from fire and theft
  • Suitable for use in homes and offices in Singapore for the storage of valuables and important documents.

Fire-test Authority:
UL (USA Underwriters Laboratories Inc)
SP (Swedish National Testing and Research Institute)
KS (Korean Standards Association)
GOST (Russian Industries Standard)

Enquire today to discuss your options

If you wish to enquire about any of our electronic safes, including dial safes, fire resistant cabinets and night deposit safes, be sure to contact our friendly team in Singapore today. You can give us a call on 6275 4088 or simple fill in your details online and we’ll get back to you shortly about our product range. Protect your possessions with Filedex today.