Category: EAGLE Data Safes
Size: H1066 W585 D552 mm (Ext)
H728 W315 D210 mm (Int)
Weight: 230 kg
Accessories: Shelf x 4 pce
Made in Korea


  • 3-wheel Mechanical combination lock
    UL listed/Resettable - User can reset nos. to your own choice
  • Keylock for additional security (with 10pins computer keys x 3 pcs)
  • Designed to store and protect computer medias (CD, LTO, Tapes, etc.,) from fire.  Equipped with multi-layer inner box of special anti-thermal materials.  The storage of computer data susceptible to heat conditions, require the internal temperature of safe to be contained to 50C, and humidity must be maintained at 85% or below.
  • 4-way locking bolts
  • A multi-function relocking devices to provide extra security against burglary attempts. The relocking devices will automatically relock all boltwork mechanism
  • The inner and outer body of the safe is constructed of tough steel shell and monolithic anti-fire materials. This provides the assurance of excellent protection against fire and thefts.
  • The safe is contructed with double-door to prevent the penetration of dust, steam or water against any other fighting material, so that the contents are fully-protected.
  • The door consists of Tongue and Grove closure design to prevent the penetration of fire and hot gases while deep setting bolts secure firmly into the frame
  • 2-Hours fire-tested @1010C/1850F
    Fire-test Authority:
    SP (Swedish National Testing and Research Institute)
    KS (Korean Standards Association)
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