Category: EAGLE Colour Safes
Size: H360 W424 D423 mm (Ext)
H245 W325 D260 mm (Int)
Weight: 42 kg
Accessories: Tray x 1 pce
Made in Korea


  • Electronic keypad (YES2)
  • LCD display (LED light)
  • Programmable 2 different users' code
  • 6 digital nos. to open the safe
  • Choice of hidden code
  • Lock mode to prevent un-authorized access to keypad
  • Penalty time lock-out 5-wrong attempts to open the safe
  • Battery (4pcs x AA size) located outside the safe for easy change
  • 2-ways locking bolts (1-way moving bolt and 1-way fixed bolt)
  • The inner and outer body of the safe is constructed of double sturdy steel shell with fire-proof material in between. The anti-fire material provides maximum protection against fire and thefts
  • The door consists of Tongue and Grove closure design to prevent the penetration of fire and hot gases while deep setting bolts secure firmly into the frame
  • 1-hour fire-tested @925C/1697F
    Fire-test Authority:
    UL (USA Underwriters Laboratories Inc)
    SP (Swedish National Testing and Research Institute)
    KS (Korean Standards Association)
    GOST (Russian Industries Standard)
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